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Grand Soleil 72 LC on aito performance cruiser. Botin & Carkeekin suunnittelema vene on upealinjainen katseidenkääntäjä, aito italialainen kaunotar. Grand Soleil 48 edustaa nykyaikaisinta venemuotoilua – perinteitä unohtamatta. 

The new Grand Soleil 72 follows the same path as the other Grand Soleil models offering a Long Cruise version as well. The Long Cruise version will be distinguished by its deckhouse characterized by a large 270° view window. In this version, the deckhouse will also be raised and enlarged compared to the Performance. Technically this will enable two beneficial features; one raising the flooring of the central part of the boat therefore increasing the walking area and second allowing several electrical and mechanical systems to be moved under the dinette area. In cockpit, entrance hatch and ladder will be moved laterally in order to obtain a C-shaped seating and in one line maintaining two large sundecks aft of benches which also characterize the Performance version. The LC version will have the whole dinette raised allowing owners and passengers to enjoy the view both in a sitting and standing position.

Internally, various solutions have been studied for Performance and Long Cruise versions both with the owner’s cabin forward however with two different settings for the galley being aft or forward as well as providing different distribution solutions for the guest and crew cabins.

Grand Soleil 72 LC


Hinta vapaasti tehtaalla veroineen: pyydä hintatiedot

Valmistaja: Cantiere del Pardo
Suunnittelija: Matteo Polli
Valmistusmaa: Italia
Pituus: 23,75 m
Vesilinja: 19,82 m
Leveys: 6,20 m
Syväys: 3,70 m
Paino: 31000 kg
Painolasti: 9000 kg
Hyväksyntä: CE/A
Kölityyppi: Eväköli
Kansimateriaali: Lasikuitu
Runkomateriaali: Lasikuitu
Vesitankki: On, 1000 l
Polttoainetankki: On, 1000 l
Septitankki: On


Valmistaja: Volvo 
Teho: 150hv
Polttoaine: Diesel
Vaihteisto: S-vetolaite

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